The World’s
Most Advanced
Oral Sex

How it works


New unique motion technology designed to create the most realistic oral sex feeling ever.

Super Silent.

Super silent motors with silicone rolls designed to be virtually inaudible. You won’t hear it...and no one else will.

Easy to clean.

IPX4 splash proof and made of only 3 parts. Just remove the rolls and clean with soap and water. Airdry and get ready for your next adventure. Over and over and over...


3 Automatic Modes

Sit back and enjoy while Orctan takes care of the modes.

Power Vibration

Hold the + and - button to activate intense vibration on both rolls.

Pause for Edging

Hold both mode buttons to pause and release for intense edging experience.

9 Different Modes

Offer the right setting for every mood and all wishes.

In case you missed something

How do I use Orctan?


Apply water-based lubricant to both massage rollers and your penis before using Orctan. Assume a comfortable position and set the mood. Hold your Orctan in a position that allows you to comfortably operate the buttons with your index and middle fingers. Power on the device by pressing the + or – for two seconds. Place your penis between the massage rollers of the device. Explore the different touchpoints and positions of your sex toy. You can adjust these individually to your liking. Massaging the frenulum region on the bottom of the shaft by the head of the penis is particularly intense.

Should I use Orctan with lubricant?


Yes, absolutely. Orctan must not be used without lubricant. A high-quality lubricant ensures that the massage rollers comfortably glide over your penis. If you experience any resistance from the rollers you should re-apply lubricant on your penis and Orctan. Make sure to use a water-based lubricant. Silicone or oil-based lubricants can damage the high-quality materials of the silicone massage rollers.

Is Orctan suited to all penis sizes?


Yes! Orctan utilizes a high-tech hinge construction which allows you to adjust the massage area and touch points according to your desires. As the main stimulation of the sex toy focuses on the head of the penis and frenulum, it’s suitable for all penis sizes.

How do I charge Orctan?


Orctan is fully chargeable and doesn’t require batteries. Open the protective cover with the Orctan symbol on the back of the sex toy and connect it to the USB cable that was included with your device. Then connect the cable to a suitable USB outlet. Orctan requires around 2 hours to charge fully. After that, you can use it for up to 60 minutes of pleasure.

How do I clean Orctan?


Remove the massage rollers from the sex toy by pressing them together. Make sure you don’t damage the silicone material with your finger nails in the process. Clean the rollers with a mild soap and rinse them out under running water. You can also use an antibacterial toy cleaner. Dry your rollers with a towel after. You can clean the device itself with a damp towel and some soap. Alternatively, you can wash it with running water. Keep in mind that Orctan has a water resistance of IPX4 and is only protected against splashing water. You should therefore not submerge your device or expose it to a strong water jet. Once your device and rollers are fully dried, you can insert the rollers back and your Orctan is ready for the next round.

Every aspect of our Orctan has been painstakingly crafted with love and precision to provide exciting new levels of pleasure and help destigmatize male masturbation.

Michael Lenke, Inventor of Womanizer

In the box

— Orctan with 2 interchangeable rollers
— USB-C charging cable
— Transportation / Storage bag
— Manual

60 mins

run time

120 mins

charge time

2 years